Welcome to ASC

ASC was created in 2021 to support  some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of extreme poverty through: 

Education, Health 
and New skills.

Our aim is to turn their ideas into a
reality which improves their lives
and protects the environment.

Who we are

We’re committed to supporting grass-roots community-based projects that will be sustainable for the community and the environment. Working together, we established Action for Sustainable Communities as a registered charity in 2021 to carry out our goals. 

Our diverse backgrounds enable us to bring a broad vision and differing experiences to all the projects that we undertake.

What we do

Action for sustainable communities supports some of the world’s poorest communities lift themselves out of extreme poverty. We bring expertise, enthusiasm and funding assistance to support community-based initiatives focusing on four sectors, as follows:

Fostering Health:

Our work will include providing health clinics in remote areas, providing community programs that promote good health practices, and providing clean water to communities where none is available.

Protecting the environment: 

We strive to enhance biodiversity via rewilding and our support of best practices for water conservation and energy consumption.

Promoting Education:

 Projects include building schools, providing language and computer courses, and ensuring equal access to education for girls.

Developing local skills: 

We focus on skills that will allow for economic self-sufficiency, including sustainable farming techniques, sewing, and computer literacy.

How we work

ASC works by supporting and inspiring local communities to turn their dreams and ideas into viable, sustainable projects.
Typically, our projects are in areas where we  have or can acquire, local contacts and local knowledge. 
ASC foundation ensures that each project we take on must fulfil the following criteria:

Community owned and driven by the local community
Viable vision:  the project must be viable with a realistic and sustainable  costed action plan 
Capacity and Capable:the  project must have access to the required knowledge and skills
Adequate Resources:  the project must have a fundraising plan for project completion, ongoing operating costs and a sustainable future. 

ASC firstly, identifies suitable community projects that meet the criteria. We then support the work through sharing our expertise, providing strong project management and ensuring a robust fundraising programme. We seek strategic partnerships to access additional expertise from other foundations and organisations.