ASC & Rewilding

ASC is currently looking to create a rewilding project.  It is developing a list of selection criteria to help move this aspiration forwards.   As with all of our projects, ASC believes that rewilding project must be sustainable and facilitate sustainable communities.  Projects need to bring income/ resources to the local communities where they are located and in particular where other traditional sources of income (such as farming) may be displaced.  ASC also wishes to inspire and enable others to do similar schemes by providing model rewilding projects which can disseminate information freely to other rewilders.  

The land value should increase if the scheme is carried out well and therefore there is no reason why it could not be sold at a future date as rewilded land ‘ready to go’ to people who want to own and run their own project, thereby freeing capital to initiate new rewilding schemes.  That way investors can recover their capital at a future date or reinvest in other rewilding projects.

The most obvious income streams are the same as the best known rewilding projects in the UK and include:

  • zero impact glamping holidays
  • wildlife walks / safaris
  • sale of meat from herbivores such as longhorn cattle, deer, etc. 
  • sale of locally produced goods 
  • meditation retreats etc. 

​Visitors should be given as wild an experience as possible.  Glamping units would be set far apart with their own facilities (including composting toilets ideally linked to biogas digesters to provide fuel for cooking).  They should have a zero carbon footprint, built with local timber, insulated with local wool/wood fibre insulation with energy sourced with solar panels, biogas digesters, local firewood/charcoal, etc.

We are currently looking for investors to start our first project.